Author | Misa Sugiura

In our inaugural podcast I headed out to the peninsula  to talk with a friend.  She's a native Chicagoan, now living in the Bay Area, a former high school teacher who followed her dream to become a YA author. She and her husband have two sons, one of whom you may actually hear on this podcast, because editing is harder than it seems. We are part of a book group or should I say, eating-and-hanging-out-with-the-girls-while-our-kids-play-Minecraft-in-the-other-room group.   But that's beside the point. She published her first book It's Not Like It's A Secret  with  Harper Teen in May of 2017.  In the course of this conversation she let's us know the nitty-gritty of getting your first book published, including the dealing with the publishing industry's seeming quota for authors of color.  We get a seldom seen view of the quintessentially Japanese traditions that her mother taught her. We are also privileged enough to get a sneak peak into her next project as well as what is on her reading list. So without further adieu, you're invited to eavesdrop on our conversation via Real Talk from late February 2018.