Creatrix Matrix Is Here!

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This is to introduce myself and my website to you. If we are already acquainted, please be patient with me, I'm new to this self-promotion thing. My name is Jeannine Hooks-Allen, I'm a writer, photographer, wife, mother, and lover of all sorts of creative endeavors.  A couple of years ago I attended a wonderful gathering of women of color. The purpose of the weekend was to study herbs and herbal medicine. The variety of interests and vocations of the women in attendance was intriguing. There were chefs, and farmers, doulas, drummers, and dancers. Healers, medicine-makers, community organizers, and spiritual leaders, were present as well. All had one thing in common. Each had found an outlet for their creativity and a way to offer it to the world. 

Upon returning home I found myself wanting to be in a position to be surrounded by this brilliance all the time, and to share it with the world.  I'm an avid reader and a visual person, so first I looked for a magazine. I found none that reflected the women that I had met, so I went online continuing my search.  There were sites for the Arts but none really encompassed what I had in mind. I wanted to cover all aspects of creativity, not just Fine or Folk Art, Music, Dance,Theatre and such but community activism, and other pursuits that may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about art. Particularly that of female and female-identified women of color, because we are so often overlooked in the media. So, the idea for Creatrix Matrix began to take shape. It's a place where you can go to learn about the artistry of women of color who spend their time and energy creating things both tangible and intangible that impact, inspire, and make the world a better place.

Some of the women you'll find here were in my life already, but as I dive deeper into this endeavor I seem to meet new Creatrixes everywhere I turn!  I'm excited to share their stories with you and connect you with them and with each other. I hope you'll accept this invitation to subscribe and embark on this adventure with me. Please visit the website, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I welcome comments and/or questions and will do my best to respond.

Thank you,

Jeannine Hooks-Allen